Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Our Favorite Design Projects of 2016

As another wonderful year comes to a close, we would like to reflect back on some of The Black Goose Design's most beloved projects. 2016 was a spectacular year filled with stunning design work and wonderful projects that we will look forward to continuing in the coming year.  We value each one of our clients and always strive to make the design process an enjoyable one and to share our passion for design with our clients. Our talented interior designers have created so many beautiful spaces throughout this past year, take a peek at these stunning projects of 2016.

A Invitation to our Exclusive Home Tour

The Black Goose Design is delighted to share an exclusive sneak peek inside 
the gorgeous home of one of our clients.
As interior designers, we have the privilege to take a particular space, start with an idea, and design a home into a dream come true for each of our clients. It is an honor to be a part of the entire interior design process, to guide our clients throughout their project, resulting in  their personal home and space becoming a blissful reality. 
One of our extremely-talented designers Leslie, has done just that with this extraordinary home. Throughout an eight month process of creating exquisite design and fresh updating, this project came together with every design detail completed to perfection.

This serene gathering area is grand, yet the overall feeling is cozy and inviting. A pair of stunning sofas from Lee Industries with detailed throw pillows anchor the room, while additional rich leather recliners give soft texture. The tufted ottoman completes the perfect setting for serene relaxation.

This gorgeous home and entire post of part one can be found here and part two here

Wasatch Boulevard Residence Home Tour

Get ready for an exclusive sneak peek inside and outside our client's innovative and design-savvy home! Major structural changes made to this 1995 existing home created an entirely fresh new look and now displays an updated modern design-style feel. This house has been through an extraordinary journey to become the stunning home that is shared with family and friends today.

Take the entire tour of  part one here and part two here.

Designer Tips for Exterior Finishes

 Selecting exterior colors, did your heart just skip a beat? 
Let's face it, the pressure of selecting the correct color combination for the outside of your home can be a challenge.
The Black Goose Design understands the enormous design decision exterior coloring can be. Not to worry, we are here to give you some helpful expert design advice with your pursuit of finding the perfect paint pallet. 
Combining just the right exterior colors will dramatically improve and brighten up your home's curb appeal. We all want that charming "ahhhh" warm feeling when admiring a home, especially when it comes to your own residence.
Whether you are creating an entirely new look to an existing home, or starting a new build, we all want the personality of the home to show through without overdoing. Most importantly, avoiding what could be a costly mistake of selecting colors that were not exactly what you had in mind. Let our talented designers break down the home exterior into three simple parts: the main body, the second body and the accent or trim-work areas.

You can find expert design exterior tips here

Holladay Residence: Home Tour Happiness

At The Black Goose Design, we love to relish in home-design happiness! We invite you to take a tour of this elegant, refreshing and cheery home with all the finest details. Our talented interior designers Leslie and Denise have brought exquisite design elements together to make this house a beautifully designed home.

This beautiful home tour can be found here and  here

Delightful Daybreak Residence

This delightful residence located in Daybreak Utah a community where design appeal is around every corner. This home exemplifies charming home design both inside and out! Pristine lake views with a perfect porch scene greets family and friends. A most welcoming and darling exterior, with those bright pops of red and crisp white accents, is a true head turner. We just cannot get enough! 
Our talented interior designer Ali assisted her client in defining design savvy styling and personality. This beautifully detailed home is such a cheerful space
  incorporating functional design.

This delightful Daybreak residence full post can be found here and here

A Home Tour for Dramatic Design Inspiration

With the fall season upon us, The Black Goose Design is pleased to present a taste of dramatic design inspiration! Our home tour is a charming residence located in Draper, Utah this exceptional home will inspire you to cozy up your space this fall.
   The entry is a crucial space to express your home's personal style. It also sets the tone and mood for your entire home. This alluring entry greets guests with a warm, welcoming feeling. A unique carved entry piece paired with soft layered light adds a subdued glow, an ideal setting for a heavenly greeting. 

Be inspired by this stunning home here and part two here

An Exclusive Look into our Mill Plaza Design Project

The Black Goose Design is honored to be a part of some dramatic design changes happening with Archibald's Restaurant at historic Gardner Village 
located in West Jordan, Utah. 
 Get ready for an exclusive sneak peek inside this stunning new design project, Mill Plaza.
With much collaboration and design planning with co-owner Joe Long, and interior designer Randi Smith, a vision was developed that will greet the many wonderful guests of Gardner Village. This new addition will be an added benefit for guests to enjoy live entertainment, community performances, privates parties and to ultimately connect Archibald's Restaurant and CF Home to the entire Village allowing the property to flow all-together.

The original basement will soon be converted into a spacious and stunning banquet room which will seat up to 65 people, who will enjoy beautiful atmosphere throughout the newly- developed space.
This incredible scene will be brought to life where guests may mingle during events in a lower bar/reception area all while taking in gorgeous scenery with calming water features including the Village's original working waterwheel.

This amazing project can be found here
Stay tuned for the completion of this amazing project coming soon in 2017!

A Colorful Christmas Home Tour

The Black Goose Design is dreaming of a colorful Christmas! 
Get ready for an exclusive tour into one of our wonderful client's home with playful pops of color scattered throughout this whimsical, wonderland scene where all is merry and bright! 
Bursts of gleeful color can be found around every corner putting a jolly spirit into
 this darling home located in Cottonwood Heights, Utah.

This entire happy post can be found here

As the year 2016 closes and 2017 is cheerfully on it's way, the designers at The Black Goose Design are anticipating another gorgeous year filled with extraordinary interior design projects that we will be featuring on our blog. We would love to thank each and every one of our clients for a wonderful year of fabulous design!
We happily ringing in the new year with the latest in interior design trends and cannot wait to share our future projects with you.

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