Thursday, November 10, 2016

Designer Tips for a Beautifully Draped Home

As we all prepare to cozy up our homes for the winter season ahead, be sure not to neglect those windows! Adding draperies to your space can be ideal to achieve an inviting look within your home. The Black Goose Design is pleased to give you some expert tips on how to create a beautifully draped home! Let's face it. When it comes to draperies, we all want to be sure to select the best type of drapery or window covering and correct application for our space. Draperies are a crucial part of interior design, whether they are for decorative purposes or functionality, using the an accurate application and style is key to completing a well-designed room. With so many stunning options for window treatments, just thinking about taking on this task can feel a bit overwhelming. Don't worry, our expert interior designers will guide you to a perfect window treatment that will suit your home and personal style.

Window treatments really can set the scene and feel for an entire room. Think of them as a crucial "grounding" accessory, an essential layer for framing in a space. Draperies are the item that will instantly transform the entire look of your space and define a room's style. 

*Designed in partnership with Meagan Rae Interiors

There are many different styles of draperies to dress your windows, from sleek Roman shades to beautifully-billowed, drapery panels. Even the smallest of windows can have a large impact in a home just by having a well-designed window treatment. Let our designers enlighten you with some helpful tips when it comes to complementing your home with fabulous draperies.

*Designed in partnership with The House of Smiths interior design

1. An important factor to consider when it comes to selecting your window treatment is scale. Be sure to incorporate "fullness" and the proportion of your treatment. These beautifully-stacked Roman shades are not only functional by providing privacy, but visually they fit the space and suit the room. When applying the correct scale with window treatments, they will naturally help to anchor and define your space.

2. Here is an example of creating the illusion to lengthen your space, giving you a dramatic and grand feeling. Keep in mind that every design scenario can be different when applying your window treatments; but ideally if it suits the space, hang your rod as high as possible giving the effect of dramatic height extension. As you can see from the drawing below, the window is the exact same size but by merely extending your drapery rod to the ceiling helps to create height, making the area appear to be much larger than it really is! Simply adjusting the rod by only a few inches can make such a difference.

*dislaimer photo from camillemoore interiors

3. To make your windows appear wider or larger, be sure to extend the rod a few inches beyond the frame of the window. This makes the area feel spacious and impressive, allowing for as much natural light as possible to spill into your home. Beautiful natural light is always an added bonus, making your home feel radiant and bright. This tiny trick of expanding the width of the rod helps to ensure your home's gorgeous views will remain unobstructed as well.

4. There is always the big question on what the proper length needs to be when it comes to hanging your drapery panels. This sometimes can depend on the style or look you are after. For more of a crisp or modern feel, you may want to hang the panels so they fall perfectly just above the floor. Also take into consideration if your panels will be functional, will you be opening and closing them on a daily basis? If so, floating them just above the floor would be ideal. For a more relaxed and dramatic look, you want your drapery to have a small puddling or billowing effect, or as interior designers, we like to say "kissing" the floor.

5. Window treatments are the crown jewel of a room, adding the ultimate finishing touch to your home. This is where personal design-styling comes into play. Do not shy away from incorporating a contrasting fabric or an eye-catching trim! Detailed touches and textures contribute so much personality and can really help accomplish the look you desire. Frame in beautiful views and dress up those windows with custom draperies.

6. It is always a good idea to correctly line your draperies. Why? The visual effect lining gives makes the drapery look full, also giving the treatment proper scale with added volume. So let the truth be told, with a proper lining your drapes appear more luxurious, resulting in a professional high-end look. 

Window treatments can bring in warmth, texture, create depth and will set the scene for your home. Whether your desired window treatment style is incorporating a pattern that is playful, light and airy or bold and dramatic, our interior designers will help you create the stunning window treatments you desire.
 The Black Goose Design has an expert team of designers that are happy to guide you throughout the entire custom drapery process. We are partnered with extremely talented seamstresses and professional installers that will ensure your window treatments will capture your vision and will be tailored to pure perfection!

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