Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Classic White Kitchen

It is the ever-frequently asked question. When it comes to white kitchens, is this particular design-style trending, or will it be a timeless look for years to come?

Allow The Black Goose Design design experts to elaborate. Think of it this way, the classic white kitchen is like your favorite pair of jeans or denim. They are always in style, yet it is in all the details that will transform the look. Those details will make white cabinets time period specific, or it can be a style that is forever elegant and unchanging.

A white kitchen is just like your most cherished jeans. White is a true classic, enduring the many "trending" styles, keeping clean simple lines allows for those pristine white cabinets to be ageless.

You can still achieve the look of a bright, cheery classic kitchen without using all white. A contrasting paint applied to an island or even to a lower bank of cabinets will give the space a pop of personality. 

Clean and classic lines in the kitchen are key in creating a look that will withstand the test of "trending" times. Keep in mind simplicity when it comes to styling. Crisp white also helps create the illusion that a smaller kitchen can appear larger than its actual size. Let this small trick work in your favor, who wouldn't want to see a larger kitchen space?

White is neutral perfection, fresh, radiant and always classically inviting.
Finish off your elegant white look with the perfect hardware and lighting. Incorporating a variety in metals creates interest and charm. Add a hint of brass for a light sparkle, or perhaps dramatic contrasting black features will set the tone for an enduring timeless look.
Tailor those specific details and accessories throughout this functional space into your personal white kitchen style.

Simple white kitchen design with timeless styling will endure and outlast trends.
Our talented designers at The Black Goose Design will help you achieve your perfect white classic kitchen style that will withstand the test of time, just like those favorite pair of jeans!

*disclaimer photos from houzz, Studio MecGee, Anne Hepfer Designs, Decorpad, Apartmentherapy, Domino

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