Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wasatch Boulevard Residence Home Tour

Get ready for an exclusive sneak peek inside and outside our client's innovative and design-savvy home! Major structural changes made to this 1995 existing home created an entirely fresh new look and now displays an updated modern design-style feel. This house has been through an extraordinary journey to become the stunning home that is shared with family and friends today. 

Inspiring design and creative curb appeal greets every guest with a most welcoming feeling. Dramatic large white beams were added to the front of the home, creating a grand entrance and giving proper scale to the front porch area.

Decorative finishing touches with detailed craftsmanship throughout the exterior makes for stunning visual focal points. Even the slightest detailing can create an exceptional design impact to the overall look of a home.

A large detached garage was built for additional storage space. The clean modern design of the architecture creates fluidity between all exterior structures.

We cannot get over this picturesque scene of the stunning back porch area. The existing home originally had a small deck and our clients were in need of a larger, functional outdoor area maximizing their living space outside as well. The solution was to extend outward and build a new porch onto the existing structure. This gave an entirely new meaning to the perfect outdoor dining and entertaining experience! 

Fresh new decking blended with a sleek industrial railing 
completed this ultimate backyard retreat.

The crisp white updated exterior design transformed 
this entire home into the ideal outdoor oasis! 
Stay tuned for the second part of our Wasatch Boulevard Residence home tour. 
We cannot wait to share some amazing spaces of the interior of this show-stopping home!

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