Thursday, May 12, 2016

Interior Designer Spotlight: Ellie

The Black Goose Design has an entire team of talented designers, and it is our pleasure and delight to spotlight one of our amazing designers, Ellie.
 Ellie has been with The Black Goose Design for three years. Her combined talent of stunning interior design work and outstanding customer service brings every client a rewarding experience. Ellie is committed to her client's every need, provides functional home design solutions and leaves no detail overlooked resulting in gorgeous design.

Ellie attended LDS Business College and Utah Valley University completing her Associates Degree in Interior Design. Her experience in the design industry has created many opportunities for her to take each client's distinct design dream 
and make it become a reality.
 Ellie specializes and focuses on mixing her clients' personal style, with exquisite pattern and beautiful texture. Each project that is completed is a work of supreme interior design. Ellie feels each client is unique, and her goal is to make their home a reflection of who they are. She believes that every room should tell a story, to be a cohesive collection of what her client loves. When interior design is done correctly, it not only pleases the eye but uplifts and nourishes the soul.

Ellie enjoys many aspects of interior design but finds well-designed space planning is key in successful design. Every space should be designed for its intended use. Each piece of furniture, artwork or accessory should have a specific function. Beautiful home design is important, but overall the purpose and function of a space is as equally important and should be practical for clients and their needs. 

     We would like to highlight some of Ellie's past design projects. She enjoys mixing patterns and combining varied design styles which captivate her clients' visions. "I love combining neutral fabrics and interesting textures together with a touch of 'glam.' This creates visual interest and distinctive character to a space."

Ellie has a true passion for interior design but also enjoys fashion. She often reflects and looks to fashion trends for inspiration. Ellie also feels inspired by spending time in nature, 
is influenced by rare architecture
 and appreciates any form of artwork others have created.

We feel privileged to have Ellie as a part of The Black Goose Design team. Her amazing talent and qualities are an extraordinary addition to our company!

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