Thursday, April 28, 2016

Designer Tips for Selecting a Sofa

Get ready to sharpen those pencils and take note from our expert designers for selecting the ideal sofa for your home! When it comes to selecting a sofa for any space, it is best to consider it an investment. We all want to make the correct choice in selecting size, style, and comfort in a piece of furniture that will be used on a daily basis. Avoid those costly mistakes, and allow us to ease the selection process by partnering with our experienced designers. The Black Goose Design carries high-quality, durable and the most comfortable upholstery. Our interior designers are delighted to share some expert design advice on selecting that perfect sofa for your space.

Ali: The one piece of furniture in your home that gets the most use is typically the family room sofa. I cannot illustrate enough, a well-constructed sofa is worth the splurge! If you skip now and go with a lesser sofa, you will be purchasing another one in a few short years time. It is best to purchase a quality sofa from a trustworthy company. At The Black Goose Design we can assist you navigate the lesser quality sofas from the super-star sofas! 
For a sofa that will get daily lounging use, you will want to look for a deeper cushion, around 41 inches. You will see and feel the difference in cushions with depth. Also, pay attention to details. A classic sofa will not have an unusual shape, scrolled arms or legs, or a "loud" fabric. Timeless sofas are constructed with classic clean-lines, neutral fabric and brings beauty to the other pieces in the room. 
Be sure to allow for adequate clearance around your sofa, enabling others to walk comfortably to the sofa. A general rule for coffee table placement is to have at least 16-18 inches of clearance between the table and the furniture surrounding it.

Ellie: I love a classic sofa. My tips would be to sit in a lot of sofas beforehand and make note of what you like or dislike about your current sofa at home. This will help you to make sure that you get the correct comfort, depth, height, and cushions that will be best suited to your liking. 
Select a durable, classic fabric that will withstand time. I would personally select something neutral, allowing smaller accents to be the statement in the room, so you do not tire of the fabric and love the longevity of your sofa.

Lisa: With sofa selection, buy what you love, not what is trending (unless you love what is trending!) Colors and styles will continue to change, and at a rapid pace. I have always admired a quote, "Be true to what you love, because nothing that you truly love will every be out of style." Select what style you really like and are drawn to.
Purchase what is comfortable. Sit in a number of pieces and discover what dimensions and type of cushion that is comfortable for your body type and the way that you will be using your furniture on a daily basis.

Randi: My favorite way to start talking about a sofa is by asking the client, "who are you as a sofa?" Often times they are unsure, but they do know who they are not! The client may list the things they did not love about their previous sofa, and this allows for process of elimination to take place and to help narrow down the sofa selection. You have to think about function as well as design. How will you use the sofa? If you want to snuggle in for a movie, a sofa with a short seat and low back would most likely not work. Remember what will work best for you and your individual space.

Denise: Sofas are very functional and versatile. They allow for additional pieces to be partnered with them such as a pair of chairs or an ottoman. When placing a sofa in a room if the space allows, float the sofa in the space with a console table placed behind the sofa, and pair with some table lamps. This gives visual height to your sofa, and also produces a soft ambient glow.
The Black Goose Design has the most comfortable and well-constructed sofa companies, I would recommend sitting in many styles, selecting one to suit your particular needs.

Michelle: It is a good idea to consider size of the sofa. Measure and tape off the area you would like the sofa to be placed. Do not forget to account for tables and other furniture in your room. Do your research on upholstery fabric and decide which suits the needs for you and your family. Sofa styles can vary so be sure to choose one that expresses the personality of your home and the people living in it. When it comes to color selection, and you possibly have a fear of commitment with color, stay neutral. Bold color and pattern, especially in a large piece of furniture are not for the faint of heart. Remember, you can always get the color you need with additional throw pillows, rugs, and draperies.

Make your sofa selection experience a breeze at The Black Goose Design! Our talented designers will complete your home with gorgeous, functional design and guide you to that timeless sofa.

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