Thursday, March 17, 2016

Learn to Become a Master Mixer of Patterns

It is the ever challenging interior design question, with so many gorgeous fabrics to choose from, how do you mix together multiple patterns in your space without it looking too distracting or with no personal pop at all?
 No need to worry, The Black Goose Design has some helpful tips to guide you in the right direction to solve one of the biggest questions when it comes to home design. 

Learn to be a master mixer of patterns. There are four essential elements when it comes to creating the perfectly patterned space.

Color: Start by selecting a color pallet. If there is a particular print you are drawn to with multiple colors, pay attention to main colors in the print. Multiple colors add excitement and personality to a space. Use those similar colors in your pattern selection, this will eliminate confusion and create a cohesive appearance. Also, play up varied shades of color. This will add depth and dimension to your space.

Scale: To keep visual interest in your room, add varied sizes of patterns. Correct scale is key in selecting multiple patterns. Select a small, mid-size and large-scale pattern, this is a great starting point. By incorporating those varied size in patterns, this will eliminate the "same size" dilemma, when all patterns are the same size, the result it can be confusing, and the patterns often end up competing for attention.

Shape: Get back to the basics, incorporate different shapes in your pattern selection. You wouldn't choose all stripes or all floral. Essential variation of shape in patterns will give you the perfect mix to layering fluid patterns in your space.

Texture: This is an unexpected element in the pattern mixing formula. Texture enhances your overall home design. A bit of faux fur, sleek or shiny texture, rich leather, or mixing in some hair on hide, are all examples of contrast in patterns. Each adds and complements to the drama of patterns.

When all four elements are applied correctly, the patterns and color will play off of each other. This creates an ultimate harmonious flow throughout your just "works".
Keep in mind, not all patterns must be in upholstery or throw pillows. Do not feel limited in where you can incorporate pattern. Rugs, draperies, even furniture and accessories can all be utilized to create a perfectly-mixed patterned, in-home design!

Combine complementary patterns to liven up your room.
 Whatever style suits you, allow the patterns and color to fit your own style. Let the personality of patterns shape your space into a comfortable haven
 that will define home to you.

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