Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lighting Done the Bright Way

Lighting is one of the most important elements of interior design. The lighting used in your home strongly affects the overall feel and ambiance of any space. Start springtime off right by illuminating with layers of beautiful light throughout your home. 
When lighting is used correctly, it can enhance and accent particular aspects in your space creating an atmosphere where you may want to linger just a bit longer in your favorite cozy chair.

There are three types of essential lighting in home design that you should consider when using light in your home: ambient, task, and accent lighting. Apply all three of these specific layers to every room in your home to accomplish a well-lit, functional space.

The first layer is ambient lighting.This fills the undefined areas of your room, providing overall illumination with a soft glowing light. By placing main lighting fixtures such as a chandelier, or recessed lights in a central location of your space, this will provide a good base for an overall lighting plan.

Second, is task lighting. Task lighting provides a bright source of light used for visual activities that my be performed in a particular area, such as preparing food, reading or a home-office space. Pendant lighting can be a great source of light over an island in a kitchen. Under cabinet lighting should also be considered in any workspace where bright light will be needed. Lamps are another wonderful source that can be easily moved where particular light is needed. The Black Goose Design has a wonderful selection of gorgeous, stylish lamps that will help provide ample light to meet all your task lighting needs.

The final layer, is accent lighting. Accent lighting provides drama to any space by enhancing and highlighting specific objects such as artwork, a textured wall, or a focal point in a room. Accent light distributes, and draws specific attention to certain areas in your space by highlighting and drawing in visual interest.

Be sure to balance lighting effectively by spreading light throughout your room. Correct balance and flow will be accomplished when incorporating all three aspects of lighting. 

Let our expert interior designers help you brighten up this new season by layering with gorgeous, glowing illumination throughout your home!

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