Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ravishing Rugs: Artwork for your Floor

We all desire that perfectly-balanced room; a defined, warm and welcoming area, providing comfort and serenity. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find that balance. The solution? 
The ideal area rug.

Area rugs are rich in color, pattern and texture. They are a key element in home design, making a space feel complete. Not only will a rug anchor, and ground your space, it provides an essential artistic value to a room's design. Think of an area rug as a vital layer to complement your furniture, art and overall interior design. An open floor plan can often create an illusion or feeling that your furniture is "floating." To solve this dilemma, use an area rug. This simple fix will define your space, allowing that needed balance in your room.

Add interest into your space, be bold and dramatic with large patterns. 

Rugs with subdued color will contribute softness, yet still enrich the area.

Keep in mind the size and scale of the area rug. Rugs should fill most of the space, defining your conversation area.

When selecting multiple area rugs, create a cohesive look throughout your home by combining rugs that will complement each other in color and style. 
Rugs can also speak as art, and not all art belongs on a wall. This specific artwork for your floor adds warmth, depth and definition to home design.

 The Black Goose Design has the most luxurious, unique rugs in stock, and 
ready to enhance your home.
Let our talented interior designers help guide you to the most ravishing rugs today! 

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