Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Add Texture With Fall Fur

Fall is here!  The time of year when our thoughts focus on being indoors, making our home decor a place where we want to linger a little longer or to cozy up with a favorite throw.  Adding just a touch of beautiful, soft, luxurious faux fur is a perfect way to give your space a hint of texture, glamour and that feeling of comfort.

Start by layering a soft throw over your chair, sofa or draping on the edge of your bed.  This simple, yet stunning addition, can be introduced to any space.

 Whether your home design is light and neutral or rich and dramatic, faux fur will make a big  impact and complement any color scheme. 

Texture is a vital design element. Faux fur will help you achieve just the right amount.  A small detail that can create a beautiful, textured impact.

How gorgeous are these little fur stools?  They can easily be tucked into your space yet accessible when you are ready to put your feet up or contribute additional seating to your room.

The Black Goose Design has so many luxurious faux fur pillows, all unique and ready to adorn your home.    

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