Thursday, August 20, 2015

Color Picking: You say Gray, I say Grey

Picking out the right color gray paint can be totally daunting to say the very least. They can be too green, too pink, too dark, or too light and leave you more confused with which one to choose than when you started....but have no fear... the brave designers at The Black Goose Design are here to help. We have put together some of our favorites and we are even going to tell you how and why!

SEDATE GRAY SW 6169  This color has a hint of khaki and is the perfect gray in a room with lots of sunlight.

MINDFUL GRAY SW 7016 This is the perfect go-to gray. It's not to green  and it's not to pink.

JOGGING PATH SW 7638 This is the gray that looks amazing with navy and white.

FAWN BRINDLE SW 7640 This is the best gray to pair with weathered wood and makes a fantastic accent color.

REVERE PEWTER by Benjamin Moore is a light gray with warm undertones and is perfect for an open floor plan.

KENDALL CHARCOAL by Benjamin Moore This gray pops beautifully when paired with white trim.

CAPE MAY COBBLESTONE by Benjamin Moore This color is great for small spaces like hallways, bedrooms or mudrooms.

METROPOLITAN by Benjamin Moore This gray has cool blue undertones and does well in a space that reflects modern sophistication.

The designers at The Black Goose Design are able to offer many other suggestions if you don't see one here that you like. Let us help you find comfort and ease living in a "gray area" because not all gray paint is created equal.

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