Thursday, April 2, 2015

Add a Layer with a Tray

Rustic wooden trays await a chance to collect treasures

We all love to collect new accessories but how we style them once we get them home can be a challenge.  To corral treasures and other beauties, we recommend a tray to avoid a cluttered look.

A leather tray studded with nail heads.
Sometimes less is more when creating a simply elegant vignette.  A few candle holders under glass create a few layers without looking cluttered.

Enamel stacked boxes on a studded leather tray

Change your accessories as the seasons change but use the same tray for a completely different look. These kelly green boxes are like the breath of spring.

Bramble trays come in several colors.
A large tray is handy atop a dining table.  It's easy to remove when dinner time comes and can even be used for serving food...there's a novel idea!

A sweet bedside tray holds books and other necessities.

Identical trays add a double punch to this cozy setting.

Why have one when two will do so nicely on this over-sized cocktail table, leaving plenty of room for guests to prop up their feet and relax.  One or both trays are easily whisked away to make room for inpromtu board games or bowls of popcorn.

A beach themed vignette.

When a tray isn't a tray... as in this beautiful gold trimmed glass box that holds a few rustic treasures. 

Faux reptile covered trays with a little metallic glam.

Too many trays? We love keeping multiple trays in a variety of sizes handy for whatever occasion may arise.

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