Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Love Affair with Chairs

Humans have had a long and enduring love for chairs dating back to the dawn of civilization.  The earliest chairs were made of stone but man (or women) kind soon began to design for comfort as well as style.
A favorite book for anyone who adores chairs
Kings and queens sat on a throne as everyone else in their presence either stood or lounged around on the floor. These days, our homes are welcoming places where everyone is invited to sink down into a comfortable chair. 

A classic linen wing chair gets an update with a modern print throw pillow.
Consider using several different sizes of chairs in the same room to accommodate as many different people as possible.  Two chairs of average seat depth and height could be paired with a deep comfy chair that is used for reading and relaxing.

Diamond leather and hair on hide give this clean lined chair a masculine look.
Henry David Thoreau wrote "I had three chairs in my house. One for solitude, two for friendship and three for society." 

This pair of charcoal chairs gets a bit of bling with metallic pillows.
Two is almost always better than one when it comes to completing a seating area.  Consider smaller armed chairs to fit a tighter space.

Neutral grey is anything but boring when varied scale and pattern are used.
 A pair of chairs always lends symmetry to a room.  These two wing chairs, custom ordered in a timeless Greek key fabric are at once modern and traditional. 

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