Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Using Scale in Interior Design

Scale refers to the relationship between two or more objects and, generally, one of the objects has a commonly known size. In most cases, the size of the objects is compared to our own human scale.

Without considering scale, in particular, human scale, our everyday activities would be more difficult. We can find examples of this in our homes and workplaces. For instance, standardized heights have been created for countertops, chairs have been scaled to fit our bodies and the widths of hallways allow for people to comfortably pass one another. We build our environment based on the commonly known anthropometric data of the human scale. 

Our designer, Leslie, made great use of scale for this bedroom. The somewhat large headboard makes the room feel taller. Just imagine a smaller headboard - it would feel squatty and too short for the room. The side tables and lamps are also at a perfect scale. If they were any larger or smaller and they would not have felt as natural.

A common mistake is to use side tables that are too small. They should be at least as tall as the mattress. The same goes for the lamps. People usually choose shorter lamps, so when in doubt go larger than you think! 

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