Friday, November 7, 2014

10 Tips When Space Planning a Room

Space planning seems easy but it usually is not! Here are our top 10 tips to understand the process and help you along the way.

1. Ask yourself these questions: How will I be using this room? What is most important to keep in mind? How do I want it to look and feel? 

2. Begin with a clean slate. Measure and draw your room to scale using graph paper where each square represents one foot. This does not need to look or feel like a piece of art. 

3. What pieces absolutely need to stay? Sofa? Chairs? Measure those on out graph paper and cut them out. You can then rearrange them in your 'room' and begin playing with ideas and different layout options.

4. Be sure to keep this rule of thumb in mind as you rearrange your pieces: do not obstruct open doorways or entry/exit areas to the room. Make sure to think about your main traffic flow and patterns. 

5. Placing furniture all along the outside walls is a big mistake. Do not be afraid to have pieces float in the middle of the room as this will help create better conversation areas. 

6. If you do have a sofa floating in the room, anchor it by placing another piece of furniture behind it, like a console table. This will help the sofa be grounded and be prettier to look at.

7. Scale truly matters. You do not want dinky furniture in a large room or vice versa. Keeping scale in mind will help your room feel more cohesive and inviting. 

8. Declutter. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at how much the little things get in your way. Do not force pieces in spaces that are better off without them. 

9. Make sure your bed is one of the first things you see, and not one of the first things you walk in to. This will always be the focal point in a bedroom and should be kept out of the entry way.  

10. Finally, once everything is in place, live with it for a few days; see how it functions and if it works for the needs of the room. After that, sit back, relax and enjoy! 

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