Monday, September 22, 2014

Pink and Gold...What a Great Pair! Who Knew?!

Lately, we have been into pink and gold and we are excited to show you how wonderful they are together! You can do any type of pink ranging from a powder pink to hot pink/almost red, and pair them with any type of gold from a copper-type of gold to more of a yellow. Either way those two are meant to be together...a match made in heaven! 

You can incorporate them in small or large ways. For instance, if you are not as daring, use hot pink or pink flowers instead of a pink piece of furniture! Why not go bold and do a gold chair or pink sofa. Pink wallpaper anyone? Take a peek at the photos below for inspiration. Not certain how to do it by yourself? Call us and let one of our talented designers come and help you hands on. We would love to pull it all together for you. 

 Feeling bold? Try a pink wallpaper!

Copper lights lights with a spray painted, vintage-inspired pink chair...perfect. 

Soft pink sofa...sublime.

White and hot pink touches can be used in a fairly modern room.

Using pink flowers can add just a touch of that fun color without going too crazy.

Even just in your table settings, it's a beautiful combination.

 Hot pink leather?! Oh yes...

Try a soft pink sofa. It actually goes with a lot of colors!

Lee Industries chair and ottoman: available in many fabric choices.

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