Friday, September 12, 2014

Four Fun Fall Decorating Ideas That Cost Next to Nothing!

With the chill in the air we certainly can tell fall is at our door. Need ideas to welcome the season change and embrace the colder weather? We have four ideas that are super easy to do and cost almost nothing! 

1. Glitter Acorns: Acorns are so charming for some reason! They signal the end of summer and that winter is around the corner. This project is super easy and so fun! There are several options. Here are some images to get you started. You can either "create" the acorns or take regular acorns and glue glitter on them, paint the top or keep it plain and hot glue them together.

2. Glitter Leaves: Who doesn't love to gather fall leaves? Have your kids help you! Take spray adhesive and glitter to them then add string and put them wherever you would like. Or you can leave off the string and add them to a center piece! 

3. Spray Painted Tin Can Votives: Instead of spending money on votive holders, make your own. Simply hammer in the holes with a nail in your desired shape or letter, then spray paint the can any color you wish. 

4. Party Balloons: Having a Halloween party this year? Try these simple balloons for fun! All you need is a black sharpie. 

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