Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bringing the Indoors Out

Remember the days when outdoor furniture could be summed up in one word?... UGH! Thanks to awesome material engineers (it is a real thing-seriously some smart people), we have loads more options for performance fabrics that make us feel like our outdoor furniture could very well have been put inside as well. Actually sometimes we have put it inside, especially in dining areas where you do not want to worry! There are tons of options but here are a few. But first a trip down memory lane...can you hear Simon and Garfunkel singing?

Oh yeah...pure comfort (sense the sarcasm) 

Lee Furniture
Performance Fabrics repel water.

There are so many options you will be surprised! Come in the store and we are happy to show you some great options to help you enjoy bringing the inside...out. 

Disclaimer: Photos used do not belong to The Black Goose Design. All credit belongs to outside third parties which include, but are not limited to: retrorenovation.com, walmart.com, leeindustries.com, joann.com and overstock.com.

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