Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sneak Peek Into A Designer's Home

Leslie recently finished the basement of her home. She wanted a relaxed game room where her grandchildren could gather to play board games, ping pong and dance. The faux brick wall is a treatment borrowed from The Black Goose Design showroom, but she had her contractor add corrugated tin for a more industrial look.

The 1940s bicycle belonged to Leslie's mother. "I rescued it from my dad's barn," says Leslie. "I would love to restore it but for now I think it adds a retro look to this room."

The original art is by Leslie's husband, Mike Warren.

This dining room turned home office is a favorite room. A salvaged door that sits atop Ikea desk legs is large enough to accommodate a set of blueprints. Filled with books, magazines and art, it serves just as well as a comfortable place to sit and read.

"Mike has painted most of the grandkids as well as places we love. It is a great space to be in if I need creative inspiration."

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