Friday, June 6, 2014

A Spot To View The Pool

The Longs needed to finish their main family room right off of the adjoined kitchen and dinning room. They had been into The Black Goose Design several times. We had discussed in detail what they were looking for, but there was nothing quite like being able to see their space in person. It became clear that they were people who appreciated nice things and still were able to enjoy their home.  They loved the outdoors, spending quite a bit of time swimming in their pool with their golden retriever, family and friends.  

They wanted color and a lot of it in the upholstery pieces we selected. I wanted to make sure that what we choose would be something she would not get tired of. I was able to bring the room together with fun fabrics that had subtle pops of color in the fabric patterns as well as texture to help with depth. Less is definitely more for the Longs and they were happy with the end result!

Outside, a trumpet vine was bursting with its orange hues which bounced the same color off the pillows and made the room look even brighter. The chairs swivel and rock which was a bonus for the couple, given that they love to sit across from each other. They put the ottoman in between them where they get to kick their feet up, watch their kids in the pool and still engage with those who are sitting on the other furniture pieces in the same room.

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