Friday, November 1, 2013

Blogger's Master Bedroom

Shelley and her husband Cason popped into our store one day after shopping for a new bed all around the Valley. The were not having any luck and the ones they liked, they did not want to pay the hefty price tag for. We showed them a great bed at a great price that they could order and pick any fabric, and they were in heaven. We ordered the gray and white stripe fabric bed that day. Then it was onto rugs, bedding and chairs! This is what she had to say when she found the perfect pillow to base the look around...

"About a month or two ago, while shopping at The Black Goose Design, I was busy flipping through fabric samples, trying to decide which of them would make a possible good base for our bedrooms "grand master color design plan", when Cason popped over casually with "THE ITEM" in hand. After a small heart attack, my famous squeal of excitement and a good jumping/clapping episode!

But one things for sure, no matter what, I've always had some kind of nice bedding. It's an area in home design that I feel really passionately about. For me, I feel like the bed/bedding in a room is the most important. Not only because it defines the overall style and look of your room, but because we spend so much of our time there, and it's usually the main focal point of the entire space."

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